Only One Tax, Finally

Life is increasingly complex.  Most people in America feel themselves pulled in too many ways.  Left unfulfilled is a need to think about something simple, understandable, and encouraging.

Sales Tax Only is simple.

  • Everything purchased, EXCEPT FOOD, is taxed.  Both goods and services are taxed.
  • Everybody pays it.  As examples, if a corporation buys a machine to produce a good or service, sales tax is paid.  If you get your oil changed or your car repaired, you pay sales tax on the bill amount.

Sales Tax Only is understandable.

  • Most states, 45 at last count, already collect sales tax.  Many citizens therefore already pay sales tax.
  • There are no complex rules to figure out.  Therefore no complex organization needed to write and enforce the rules.

Sales Tax Only is encouraging.

  • Each person is in charge of their own money.  Your paycheck is all yours.  
  • The whole country can get together to do a new thing.  Everyone is on the same footing.
  • There are no tax loopholes.


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